For laboratories, printing materials with a wide range of viscosities

Accelerate your laboratory research

Print and test your new functional materials within minutes, directly from the CAD file, without having to adapt your inks to the constraints of inkjet heads.

Design your multilayer 3D structures, print them, and immediately place and connect your electronic components, including bare chips.

More than a printer

Master the thickness and width of printed tracks, regardless of substrates, the viscosity of printed materials (from 1 to 80,000 centipoise), and particle size.

Reduce preparation and implementation time to just a few minutes with the innovative Smart DMD software. Freely print complex multilayer designs on flat surfaces and simple 3D volumes, configure and qualify your deposits using 3D profilometry, align your layers, and assemble your components with integrated assistance.

Digital printing reimagined

With a minimum of 0.5 ml of ink loaded into a cartridge, start printing to test your new formulation, or fill 10 ml into your cartridge and print for several hours.

The ink cartridges and capillaries are interchangeable; multiple diameters and features are available at low cost for the user.

Create or purchase your inks freely, as well as other consumables!

Speed and reliability

Start the print job and come back when it’s done!

With an ultra-low fluid shear rate, a heated-aspirating bed, comprehensive tooling, and intelligent ink deposition management, we’ve solved complex problems to make this machine your everyday ally.



RFID, NFC, batteries, IoTs, smart plastics, PCBs, sensors, photovoltaic cells…


Selective deposits of biological and cellular fluids

Industrial coatings

Selective deposits of all materials including PTFE

Technical specifications


H 585 mm x P 760 mm x L 640 mm


40 kg


Smart DMD: complete software for 2D and 3D printing


From 1 cps to 80 000 cps

Particle sizes

Up to 100 µm


Flat surfaces of 150×150 mm or on 3D objects up to 40 mm in height


Supplied with a complete range of capillaries for track deposition starting from 80 µm


Flat bed Vacuum, temperature control up to 90°C, UV polymerization,
topography sensor, two print heads, inspection and positioning camera,
assisted pick & place of components…