Building the Future Together

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Our departments

Administration, finance and HR

Work closely with various departments to ensure the consistency and efficiency of operations while responsibly managing the company’s financial and human resources.

KT Labs

Contribute from the very beginning to our research projects by collaborating with our clients to develop innovative new processes across various fields.


Bring your technical expertise and passion for the latest technological advancements to the creation, development, and maintenance of our software solutions.

Commerce and marketing

Join us in shaping sales and marketing strategies, while closely collaborating with our commercial partners to foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


Contribute to the development, manufacturing, and integration of electronic solutions into complex machinery.


Join us in designing and developing the complex machinery of tomorrow by combining expertise in mechanics, electronics, and computer science.

Why join us?

Involved in various printing fields, you will contribute to shaping the industry of tomorrow. Join us and take part in an exciting collective adventure, where you will tackle industry challenges and contribute to ecological transition.

At KELENN Technology, we are a close-knit team. By joining us, you will experience:

  • A young, experienced, and passionate community
  • Scientific and technological growth opportunities
  • A startup-like, lively, and supportive atmosphere

The KT adventure

At KT, our R&D, engineering, and sales teams work together to create, develop, and integrate our products worldwide. We prioritize collaboration between teams while offering individuals a high level of autonomy in their decision-making. Our employees take on daily responsibilities and naturally progress in their careers, fueled by an environment conducive to innovation and professional development.

Our values

Technology development

We value research and development to innovate continuously

Personal development

We emphasize continuous learning and personal development

Customer service excellence

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations

Eco-social innovation

We are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility

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